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  • What is a 24 hour comic?
  • It's a challenge: one cartoonist tries to create a full 24 page comic, normally months of work, in 24 straight hours.more info
  • What is 24 Hour Comics Day?
  • It's an international celebration of comics creation. Cartoonists all over take the challenge of trying to create a 24 page comic story in 24 straight hours. Many gather at special events in comic book shops, schools, and other locations.
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    About Comics offers several anthologies of 24 hour comics:
  • 24 Hour Comics, edited by Scott McCloud, with stories by Neil Gaiman, Steve Bissette, and more.
  • 24 Hour Comics Day Highlights 2004, including Josh Howard, Christian Gossett, and over 20 more.
  • 24 Hour Comics All-Stars, with tales by Scott McCloud, Paul Smith, Sean McKeever, Tone Rodriguez, and more.
  • 24 Hour Comics Day Highlights 2005, including Svetlana Chmakova, Zander Cannon, and over 20 more.
  • 24 Hour Comics Day Highlights 2006, including Frazer Irving, Steve Troop, Rob Osborne, and more.

  • 24 Hour Comics All-Stars cover24 hour comics aren't just for art students with nothing better to do. Some of the most respected folks on the professional comics scene have taken the challenge. And so we get 24 Hour Comics All-Stars, a book where all the cartoonists are established comics creators. Reading them, you not only get exciting comics, you also get to contrast the results with what the creator does in normal circumstances.

    Contributors include:

    • Scott McCloud, the inventor of the 24 hour comic, offers up the very first 24 hour comic ever done.
    • Tone Rodriguez, artist of Violent Messiahs and Snake Plissken, brings us a sharply-rendered tale.
    • Dave Sim, who spent decades creating the comics story of Cerebus the Aardvark, shows what he can do in 24 hours. (Mr. Roriguez and Mr. Sim are generously donating their shares of the proceeds from this book to ACTOR, a non-profit organization that helps comic creators who have fallen on hard times.)
    • Paul Smith, X-Men and Leave It To Chance artist does a 24 hour anthology, telling six shorter tales
    • David Chelsea spins his own anthology, including a tale of Mugg, star of the graphic novel Perspective! for Comic Book Artists.
    • Tom Hart, who has been nominated for all the major awards in US comic books, tells a tale of unexpected ffection.
    • John Peters unleashes a fun tale that could only be called Me and My Monkey: The Seven Pillows of Fate.
    • Chris Eliopoulos explains why keen gifts sometimes come in small boxes.
    • Sean McKeever, writer of the Marvel comic book Mary Jane, draw an eerie tale of an altered world
    • and more!


    Finding 24 Hour Comics books: Your best bet is to go to one of the comic book stores that hosted 24 Hour Comics Day events, as they're most likely to have them in stock. If you don't have one nearby, try the Comic Shop Locator Service. While many stores won't have them in stock, a good comic shop should be able to order any of these books for you.

    You can also obtain these books through online retailers such as Amazon.com - but if you can, support your local comic book store instead. Comic books have thrived creatively largely due to the existence of specialty stores.